What’s AWS and why IT is used?

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What’s AWS and why IT is used?

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AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which is a cloud computing platform offered by Amazon. AWS provides a wide range of infrastructure services such as computing power, storage, databases, and networking, as well as additional services such as analytics, machine learning, security, and developer tools.
AWS is used by individuals, startups, and enterprises to build and run applications, store and process data, and deliver content and services to customers over the Internet. AWS is designed to be scalable, reliable, and cost-effective, allowing users to pay only for what they use and to scale up or down as their needs change.
Some of the benefits of using AWS include the ability to access a global infrastructure, security and compliance features, agility and flexibility, and the ability to innovate quickly. AWS also provides a wide range of resources and support for developers, such as documentation, training, and community resources.

Source: AWS Course in Pune

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