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At™, we work with renewable energy producers to provide them with a solution for their wasted energy. We help them tap their wasted gas for productive and profitable use in crypto mining. We help to minimize or cut down entirely on gas flaring while at the same time providing a new revenue stream for energy investors. All this is done in compliance with OAG producers’ requirements.

We go to underserved municipalities, provide sustainable solutions and build world-class facilities while working with renewable and wasted energies. Upwards of 65% of electricity in our new hosting locations comes from renewable energy sources. We bring jobs, technology and hope to small towns. Ensure your hardware is safe and protected with 24/7 recorded video surveillance, a 7ft Fence w/ Razor wire, locking gates, motion sensors, network security and remote monitoring.

Crypto never sleeps. Your miners must work reliably with secure power sources, redundant high-speed fibre optics, and cable internet connections. We provide 95% uptime, ensuring consistent hashing power. High-capacity Mobile Data Centers offer a perfect turn-key solution to grow blockchain mining profits. Each Mobile Data Center is safely engineered to be placed strategically in a small amount close to a power supply. envisions creating a facility with the utmost professionalism, following the processes and procedures of the most rigid Tier IV Data Centers, absent the cost. We treat every Data Center as a Tier IV Data Center. We have the same procedures that a Google, Facebook, or Tier IV Data Center requires. From the documentation, architecture, networking, and ticket systems, we are hand in hand with a structure you will find at a ‘five nines’ facility. We pride ourselves on 4+ years of providing crypto mining hosting services.

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Sustainable crypto mining hosting services help decrease environmental effects while helping blockchain networks.
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