Rectangle Direct Thermal Sticker Labels

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Rectangle Direct Thermal Sticker Labels

Сообщение Joshua Nathan » 09 фев 2023, 07:39

Rectangle Direct Thermal Sticker Labels are adhesive labels that print various information using direct thermal printing technology. Direct thermal printing technology uses heat to produce the print on the label and does not require ink, ribbons, or toner. These labels are commonly used for product labeling, shipping labels, barcode labels, and other similar applications.

Direct Thermal Sticker Labels are usually made from a unique thermal paper material that is sensitive to heat, which produces the print when exposed to heat from the direct thermal print head. They are often used in environments where fast and efficient printing is required and where durability and resistance to harsh environments are needed.

A mailing label is a pre-printed, adhesive label used for mailing purposes. It typically includes the recipient's name, address, postal code, and the sender's name and address. Mailing labels are commonly used to save time and effort when addressing envelopes or packages. They can be purchased in various sizes and materials, such as paper or plastic, and can be custom printed with a company's logo or branding.

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