Do You Capitalize After a Semicolon?

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Do You Capitalize After a Semicolon?

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The use of capitalization after a semicolon depends on the grammatical structure of the sentence. In standard English punctuation rules, when a semicolon connects two independent clauses, the word following the semicolon is not capitalized unless it is a proper noun.

For example: "She enjoyed the concert; however, she left early." In this case, "however" is not capitalized as it continues the same sentence.

However, when a semicolon is used within a list or a series of items, the first word following the semicolon is capitalized. For instance: "The ingredients for the recipe include eggs; flour, sifted; and sugar."

Remember, consistency is key in maintaining a polished and grammatically correct writing style. Adhering to these guidelines enhances clarity and readability in your written communication.

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