Who does unit testing and integration testing?

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Who does unit testing and integration testing?

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Unit testing and integration testing are both important aspects of software testing, carried out by software developers and quality assurance (QA) teams to ensure the reliability and functionality of software applications.

Unit Testing:
Unit testing involves testing individual components, functions, methods, or units of code in isolation. These tests are usually written by the developers themselves and are aimed at verifying the correctness of the smallest units of code. Unit tests help catch bugs and issues at an early stage of development, making it easier to identify and fix problems before they escalate. Developers often use testing frameworks and tools specific to the programming language they are working with to create and execute unit tests.

Integration Testing:
Integration testing focuses on testing the interactions and connections between different units of code or software modules. The purpose is to ensure that these units work together as expected and that data flows correctly between them. Integration testing helps uncover issues that might arise when various components are combined and exercised in conjunction. Integration tests are usually conducted after successful unit tests and can involve testing the interaction of entire subsystems or components of software.

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